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  • "Star Trek Vulcan Timeship" free Star Trek computer desktop wallpaper

    Star Trek Vulcan Timeship. Free Star Trek computer desktop wallpaper, images, pictures download

    Star Trek Vulcan Timeship.
    Free Star Trek computer desktop wallpaper, images, pictures download.

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    Spockís Vulcan Timeship

    The first and only prequel among the eleven Star Trek movies, the Star Trek released in 2009 has given Trekkies a blast off the past of James Kirk and Spock and how they first started out in the Starfleet Academy. Although Spockís Vulcan Timeship is not provided much attention in the movie, the true Trekkies could never easily forget its important role.

    Directed by J.J. Abrams, who also directed Mission Impossible III, this Star Trek franchise was written by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman after an extensive development study for the film was started in 2005. The final output has brought together the original characters of Star Trek.

    The story opened with the death of Starship Captain George Kirk and the birth of future Starship Captain James Kirk, during an investigation in space. George Kirk sacrificed himself after evacuating his team and wife and collided with the Narada.

    The main story explained how James Kirk has decided to take control of his destiny by stepping in to help man the USS Enterprise, which was under Spockís command, during a time of need, proving that he got what it takes to follow in his fatherís heroic footsteps.

    The main antagonist of the movie was Nero, a Romulan from the future, at a time when a supernova was threatening the destruction of the galaxy. Future Spock planned to stop the supernova by creating a black hole. But he came in too late and when the supernova exploded, it destroyed the planet Romulus.

    Nero, who saw the demolition of his planet that killed along his wife, attacked Future Spockís ship with the Narada, a Romulan ship, but their collision has instead pulled them into the black hole and sent them back in time. Nero was also successful in destroying the Vulcan planet.

    Kirk had an encounter with the Future Spock in Delta Vega who explained to him what had caused their time travel. Aside from this, Future Spock also advised Kirk to provoke Past Spock, to trigger in him an emotional response, compromising his decisions. When this happened, and after realizing this, Spock stepped down and offered Kirk the command post to USS Enterprise. Under Kirkís leadership, the team made a battle plan to attack the Narada and Nero.

    The best part of the film, aside from the highly intense action sequences, was when Future and Past Spock had the opportunity to confront each other where the Future Spock advises Past Spock to continue in becoming a part of the Starfleet so that he can help the Vulcans using the Vulcan Timeship. Future Spock also revealed that he has identified a planet that he can colonize where the Vulcans who survived their planetís destruction will be transferred to.

    Trekkies will soon be in for another treat after Paramount Pictures made official announcement for a yet to be titled Star Trek sequel coming in 2012. Download a free Star Trek Vulcan Timeship wallpaper for your computer.

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