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  • "Star Trek USS Voyager Jeri Ryan" free Star Trek computer desktop wallpaper

    Star Trek USS Voyager Jeri Ryan. Free Star Trek computer desktop wallpaper, images, pictures download

    Star Trek USS Voyager Jeri Ryan.
    Free Star Trek computer desktop wallpaper, images, pictures download.

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    Who is Jerry Ryan on Star Trek USS Voyager?

    If you watch Star Trek Voyager, then you’ll probably know who Jeri Ryan is. This actress plays Seven of Nine, who was born Annika Hansen. Hansen was born human, but at the age of six, she was assimilated by the Borg. Seven of Nine was twenty-four when she left Borg space on board the Voyager. This was the result of a semi-successful negotiation with the Borg. The Doctor was able to disconnect most her cybernetic implants, about eighty-two percent. Seven of Nine’s human organs then began to come to the fore. However, Seven of Nine continued to rely on a cortical code to manage the cybernetic implants that remained in hr body. Seven of Nine’s link to the Collective was successfully severed, but she retained the ability to detect Borg activity in the vicinity.

    Jerry Ryan was cast as Seven of Nine in spite of barely watching Star Trek. She was also clueless as to what the Borg were. Star Trek producers gave Ryan a duplicate of Star Trek: First Contact as well as the Star Trek encyclopedia to help her prepare for her role. Seven of Nine first appeared on television screens as in the episode Scorpion: Part 2, which was broadcast on September 3, 1997. She was said to be an envoy of the Borg, which had teamed up with the Voyager crew to fight Species 8472. Species 8472 constituted a threat to both parties. The threat was eventually resolved. Seven of Nine then tried to contact the Borg collective as well as assimilate the Voyager crew. But her actions backfired.

    Seven of Nine was cut off from the collective. She then had to learn to adapt as an individual. Succeeding episodes would show Seven of Nine trying both positive and negative facets of human individuality. Seven of Nine’s cyborgness represents a challenge to simple ideas of ways that bodies are connected and cut off. Ryan went on record to say that Seven of Nine was all about humanity. She said that Seven of Nine brought conflict to Star Trek:Voyager, which made it successful. Before her arrival, the crew of the Voyager all got along.

    Ryan proved to be right. The viewership of Star Trek:Voyager jumped over 60 percent after Seven of Nine was introduced. In playing Seven of Nine, Ryan added that the challenge was to show hidden emotion while keeping a straight face. Seven of Nine became famous or infamous for her tightly-fitting one-piece costume. Ryan has gone on the record as saying that her costume was both uncomfortable and impractical. However she also added that wearing it was well worth the prize for playing Seven of Nine.

    As shown by Ryan, Seven of Nine has trouble showing human emotion even though she is a blunt woman. She is also very matter of fact. At first Seven of Nine despised human weakness and inefficiency, but she later warmed to the crew, calling them her collective.

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