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  • "Star Trek The Big Explosion" free Star Trek computer desktop wallpaper

    Star Trek The Big Explosion. Free Star Trek computer desktop wallpaper, images, pictures download

    Star Trek The Big Explosion.
    Free Star Trek computer desktop wallpaper, images, pictures download.

    Great free Star Trek computer desktop wallpaper by

    Background by deviant Jeff Michelmann.

    Free Star Trek wallpaper - Enjoy!

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    Beyond the Stars

    Star Trek is one of the most beloved and famous science fiction franchises in history. Most non-science fiction fans have heard of it, and its very zealous fans are known by their own name, the Trekkies. The Trekkies actively search and discuss all aspects of the series, from character arcs to the different races in the universe to the technical data of individual ships. Fan novels have been written, and costumes, roleplaying, and battle simulations are widespread. Fans have even made full-length episodes and short films which take place in the Star Trek universe (one fan series, Star Trek: Phase II, has even been nominated for the prestigious Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form). It has been parodied countless of times in mainstream media, in shows as diverse as the animated series Family Guy and the comedy show Saturday Night Live. NASA even named their prototype space shuttle after the main starship of the original series, the USS Enterprise.

    To date, there have been five TV series (including an animated version) and a whopping 11 full-length movies, with a twelfth to follow next year. Although the original series aired in 1966, the latest movie which came out in 2009 grossed over 300 million dollars, a testament to its legacy and relevance for countless people over the years. What is the secret to its popularity?

    It is evident that there is something in the franchise which has not disappointed audiences for forty years. Its longevity makes it clear that this is not a random space shoot-em-up action series with tight costumes, weapons, and hopelessly confusing jargon. Instead, it has been an inspiration to science fiction fans, writers, and even scientists themselves! Leonard Nimoy, who played the iconic Spock in the original TV series, mentioned in an interview how successful scientists who grew up with the series were eager to tour him around their laboratories, pointing out the various technological marvels they were in the process of designing, all while stating proudly that his character influenced them to choose a career in science. But beyond the technological feats and scientific theories and conjectures in the series, the series was a pioneer even in terms of race. It featured the first ever interracial on-screen kiss in movie history (in the episode Platoís Stepchildren), and although an alternate version was filmed without the kiss, the actor William Shatner deliberately fooled around in the scene so it couldnít be used. Against producerís wishes, creator Gene Rodenberry stressed that the crew of the original series be from different races and cultures. Along with the white male Captain Kirk, there is a Russian navigator, and Japanese helmsman, a black female communications officer, and an officer who is from an alien race. Although this became a common scenario in later decades, it was innovative and daring in the 1960s.

    Fascinated by Star Trek? Whether youíre a die-hard Trekkie or a new fan who just discovered the universe, download this free Star Trek The Big Explosion wallpaper now.

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