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  • "Star Trek Enterprise The Big Collision" free Star Trek computer desktop wallpaper

    Star Trek Enterprise The Big Collision. Free Star Trek computer desktop wallpaper, images, pictures download

    Star Trek Enterprise The Big Collision.
    Free Star Trek computer desktop wallpaper, images, pictures download.

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    Enter the Enterprise

    The most recent Star Trek television series was called Enterprise. It was given a new name, Star Trek: Enterprise at the beginning of its third season. Star Trek: Enterprise was produced by Brannon Baraga and Rick Berman.

    The world of Star Trek has been around since the 1960s, when it was created by Gene Roddenberry. This time around, Star Trek: Enterprise chronicled an earlier period of events in the Star Trek saga. The series revolved around the travels of the Enterprise, which is humanity’s inaugural Warp 5 starship. The events in Star Trek: Enterprise take place a decade before the United Federation of Planets was formed. This United Federation of Planets is featured in earlier Star Trek series.

    The first Enterprise episode was aired on September 26, 2001. Called Broken Bow, it was set in the year 2151 and took place about halfway from the happenings shown in the film Stark Trek: First Contact and the initial Star Trek television series. The events in Star Trek: First Contact date to the 20th century.

    Before Enterprise was cancelled in 2005, the Star Trek series had run nonstop for 18 years. This long run was started by Star Trek: The Next Generation in 1987.

    Enterprise was the first Stark Trek series since the original television show to be chopped by the network, instead of being finished by its producers. This was due to its low ratings.

    The first episode of enterprise was said to have been seen by around 12.54 million people. Star Trek: Enterprise pioneered a lot of firsts for the television series. It was the first of the Star Trek series to be made in widescreen. Starting October 15, 2003, it was also the first to be shown in HDTV. Season 4 of Star Trek: Enterprise marked another first – the filming of the series in digital video. The opening credits of the television show as also similarly novel. It was the first science fiction production, whether in film or television, to utilize video footage that was shot on another planet. The opening credits of Startrek: Enterprise used video footage of the Sojourner rover advancing toward the Yogi Rock on the planet of Mars. This video footage was shot by the Mars Pathfinder.

    Star Trek: Enterprise’s initial season showed how the crew on board an Earth ship were able to traverse interstellar space due to a technologically advanced ship. As the Enterprise could go beyond the Warp 5 barrier, the crew could travel at speeds and distances that were previously unreachable by humans.

    As the events in Star Trek: Enterprise take place before the events portrayed in previous Star Trek series, the storylines were not hampered by the limits that were imposed in previous Star Trek television shows. The Star Trek: Enterprise also took pains to explain the how some Star Trek canon concepts started. This included Lt. Reed’s advancement of forcefields and Captain Archer’s queries about cultural interference. The latter was of course answered by the Prime Directive, which was featured in other Star Trek series.

    Fans were able to keep Star Trek: Enterprise going until 2005 by writing a letter campaign when it seemed like Enterprise was going to be cancelled in 2004. But the axe finally fell and Star Trek: Enterprise aired its last episode on May 13, 2005.

    The series may be over, but the Enterprise continues to explore interstellar space in the minds of its many fans, who most probably have Star Trek Enterprise The Big Collision free wallpaper on their computers.

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