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  • "Star Trek Archer Class Starship" free Star Trek computer desktop wallpaper

    Star Trek Archer Class Starship. Free Star Trek computer desktop wallpaper, images, pictures download

    Star Trek Archer Class Starship.
    Free Star Trek computer desktop wallpaper, images, pictures download.

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    The Ins and Outs of the Archer-Class Starship

    The Star Trek Archer-class starship, for a time, boasted the most modern technology of all scout vessels in the Federation Starfleet. In service during the 2260s, it was the first of its kind to be fitted with modular components. That means the ship can be easily and quickly reconfigured depending on what a particular mission requires.

    Another of the Archer class' advanced features is its extended high-warp travel. As designer Masao Okazaki put it, the ships were meant to travel "very far, very fast, and not be noticed." In fact, it could not only reach "to the edge of nowhere and peek behind the curtains," it was also highly maneuverable at impulse.

    Besides its celerity and agility, the Archer class counts on its reduced sensor profile and shields for defense. Plus, the vessels are armed with photon torpedoes and phasers.

    As for the internal layout, Archer-class starships are relatively small and may feel cramped. They are constructed a lot like submarines in that the only cabins at full height are those located close to the center of the dorsal dome.

    Given their size, the vessels have a limited crew capacity of 14 personnel. The captain and first officer enjoy personal quarters. The other crew members go "hot bunking," sharing four single-bed compartments. Besides bed alcoves, the rooms at the outer area have desks or tables and storage lockers.

    And because Archer-class ships are not big enough to be equipped with a turbolift system, personnel ascend by ladder to move between decks.

    The above-mentioned technologies and design features are seen in the following vessels: Archer, Arjuna, Artemis, Bowman, Huang Zhong, Kyudo, Locksley, Longbow and Sagittarius. The class, as a whole, is named in honor of the 22nd-century explorer Jonathan Archer, who was also the fourth president of the United Federation of Planets.

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