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  • "Star Trek 8472 Bioship" free Star Trek computer desktop wallpaper

    Star Trek 8472 Bioship. Free Star Trek computer desktop wallpaper, images, pictures download

    Star Trek 8472 Bioship.
    Free Star Trek computer desktop wallpaper, images, pictures download.

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    The 8472 Bioship

    Among the most famous movie and television franchises that had most people filling theatres and glued to their TV screens is the Star Trek series. The futuristic story, including the alternate timelines, over-the-top advanced technology, and a number of weird species had this production reach successful feats in the world of entertainment. Among the many characters of the Star Trek includes Species 8472 who used their powerful bioship in several encounters.

    Their bioships was characterized as an organic ship that has the same genetic make-up as the Species 8472 pilots making both resistant to the assimilation by the Borg ships and species. This is because the Species 8472 used biological technology in creating the ship. Based on the assessment of the ship, its energy source from the electrodynamic fluid comes from the installed vein-like conduits in the structure They use transmutators that transforms any material into bio-matter which the ship uses to gestate new organisms thus their power system is different from the other species. It possesses firepower that could destroy one Borg ship in two shots the least. The battleship line is engineered to be able to move between normal spaces as well as their own fluid space realm.

    A single pilot operates the bioship and uses a single bio-pulse weapon for attacking other ships. It can travel naturally at warp speed and utilizes powerful shield technology for defense. Despite the single weapon in each ship, several number of this bioship when combined together could launch an attack that could destroy a whole planet.

    Watch Star Trek again and see what a ship with a single weapon could do. Also remember to download free Star Trek 8472 Bioship wallpaper for your computer desktop.

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